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With our decades of experience we have the technical know-how and hands on experience to install commercial roofing on all types of buildings. So if your project involves a large flat or low slope surface, or a combination of low slope and steep grade or any variation there-of, Narke Roofing and Sheet Metal is a top choice.
We’ve seen a lot of interesting issues! Old buildings, new construction, retro-fit, you name it, when it comes to low slope roofing, we’ve done it…And with outstanding results. We have very strong relationships with all of the best commercial roof manufacturers. This provides you with unparalleled quality and guarantees.
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Low Slope
A roof that is slightly pitched or nearly flat is called a low-slope roof. No roof should be “flat” – though they may appear that way to you from the ground; every roof should have an intentional slight slope for drainage. Problems are common and more difficult to diagnose with low slope roofing because often times the leak area is not directly located where the water is appearing in a building. Your low slope roof should have NO areas of standing water. Standing water can be caused by sagging roof decking or improper drainage planning.
Get the best guarantees, quality and value from Narke for your commercial roof project. Systems
Narke has been roofing and re-roofing commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings in Texas for a long time. We never try to push unproven new systems, or the latest roofing gimmick.
When you work with Narke, you can choose from a variety of proven reliable roof systems appropriate to your particular building and budget, including:
Cost-effective EPDM Rubber Membrane Roofs
Energy-efficient TPO White Reflective Roofs Traditional Built-up Asphalt Roofs
Many other energy efficient and impact resistant choices as well
You can be sure we have the expertise and skill needed to install roofs that will withstand the extreme conditions of Texas’ climate.
You will quickly recognize that our crew members are experienced and have undergone extensive in-house and factory training to install the highest quality roofing systems.

buildings being protected by our premium workmanship include:

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Car Dealerships
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Churches
  • Office Buildings

If you are researching potential roofing companies to speak with regarding your roofing needs, Narke Roofing and Sheet Metal has  resources, the stability and the experience to manage your project.