Roof Coatings

There are several different types of commercial roof coatings including aluminum and asphalt emulsions and cutback roof coatings.
Aluminum roof coating is a reflective top coating processed from high quality asphalt and fortified with pure aluminum flakes. It is designed to protect and preserve a roof by reducing the surface temperature. There are many benefits to using aluminum roof coating. To name a few, it reflects more than 80% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, insulates, increases roof’s life expectancy and makes the roof more aesthetically pleasing. The sun is a harmful enemy of any roof; its rays dry out the preservative oils in asphalts and in ordinary roofing materials. Aluminum roof coating reflects a majority of the destructive rays. By deflecting the sun’s rays, the aluminum layers aid in preventing roof asphalt from drying out and cracking. Narket Roofing is experienced in the application of state of the art single-ply rubber roof systems including by not limited to the following: EPDM and TPO.
Narke Roofing will come to your site and give you a free estimate no matter how small or large your roofing problems may be. Since Narke Roofing is experienced in many different roof systems, we can help you choose which system best fits your roof and your budget.