TPO: Thermoplastic Polyolefin

TPO is  a synthetic rubber compound. Unlike other rubbercompounds used in the roofing industry, it possesses the ability to be fused together. Most other (EPDM) rubber membranes are seamed together using either 2 sided tape systems or an adhesive.
Hot air welded seams have proven to be the most reliable seam in the market today. Fused seams are 6 times stronger than glued seams and three times stronger than tape systems. Once fused together, the TPO lap forms a monolithic homogeneous rubber roof system over the entire field of the roof. Seams are impossible to deteriorate. And in roof systems where seams are always the weakest link in the system, it is reassuring to know that the laps are its strongest component.
While TPO can be manufactured in colors, the most obvious choice for the TPO membrane is white. It offers a reflective quality rarely found in roof systems, reflecting close to 87% of the sun’s damaging UV rays OFF the roof. The roof membrane stays close to ambient air temperature, which means heat is NOT absorbed in the roof membrane and transmitted into the interior of the building. If your facility is air conditioned, it lightens the load put on air conditioning units and reduces air conditioning/energy costs.
The TPO membrane is also reinforced with a polyester scrim reinforcement, which offers greater puncture and tear resistance than conventional black EPDM membranes.
TPO is not the cure all for all roof problems. Good roofing practices still apply when considering even a tough TPO membrane. Any wet insulation in the existing roof system should be removed prior to ANY new roof system installed, including TPO. But once all the existing insulation and decking has been inspected and approved, a TPO system can be installed after an insulation board has been applied over an existing built up roof system or other single ply membrane.
Narke Roofing and Sheet Metal , a professional commercial roofing contractor recommends TPO over other methods of low slope or commercial roofing products. Narke Roofing and Sheet Metal has the experience and is happy to recommend and explain which roof option would be best for your specific roof repair or replacement. Call today and we will come out to give you a free estimate!